Author insights: Paulo Coelho on the Writing Process

If you enjoyed listening to the dulcet tones of Cecelia Ahern, as she talked about putting the value of the book before the author in the podcast we recently blogged about, make sure you take a listen to the equally melodius - and brilliant - Paulo Coehlo discussing his writing processes. 

Paulo Coehlo, the internationally bestselling author, has just launched a series of video podcasts on the process of writing, using his latest bestseller, Aleph as an example. 
His first podcast is out now, and focuses on the idea of inspiration, an area he is frequently asked about.  Looking at different types of writer from James Joyce to Hemmingway, Paulo explains that whilst there are those who write from imagination alone, there are others who need experience to write.

These are set to be a fantastic insight into one of today's most successful writers - and once again, they're completely free.  

Be sure to look out for the second instalment of podcasts, where Paulo talks us through how he wrote Aleph.

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