Update on Technical Issues

Many of you will have been experiencing some technical problems with authonomy over the past couple of days. Particularly in relation to logging and posting in the forums. Firstly, many apologies for this. On Monday morning we rolled out some significant changes to the infrastructure of the site. Whilst these changes may not be immediately evident, they will in the long run allow us to make some of the more visible improvements that have been discussed and suggested by the community. So, please bear with us with these glitches - they will pay off in the long run.
Secondly, thank you to all who have contacted us with details of the problems you've experienced. It's helped us investigate the issues, and hopefully mean we can resolve them much more quickly.

The main issues you may be experiencing are as follows:

Your details are no longer being automatically entered by the system
There is a problem with the 'remember me' function. We have identified the issue and are hoping to have this resolved within the next day or so. 

You are being logged out when reading/commenting
We have also identified this problem, and should have it resolved shortly. The issue relates to the length of time you are 'inactive' (i.e. not changing/loading a page within authonomy). Whilst we fix this, we recommend writing any comments in a separate document so that this can be copied across, and refreshing the page you are reading every so often.

You are getting error messages when you post in the forums
This issue relates to people using html coding (or quoting others who have used HTML coding). There won't be a quick fix for this, but we are now looking to adding a more sophisticated editing console to the comments and forums boxes. In the mean time, to avoid errors, please use plain text, links, and, of course, happy faces. 

The password we have sent you doesn't work
This again has been identified, and is a very frustrating issue. It generally relates to 'spaces' being present in the password. If you have recieved a password and find it doesn't work, try adding a space to the front. If you recieve a password with a space and then a chevlon (> or <) remove the space and try again. If you still can't get in, forward the password email to authonomy@harpercollins.co.uk, and we'll try to sort the problem for you.

Please let us know, either to the above email address or in a post on this blog, of any errors outside of these that you have experienced since Monday.

Apologies again, and thanks for your patience. 



  1. Presently I can't make any forum replies to a thread, and I'm not using any html code in the message.

  2. I'm having the same problem as Jason and I can't make comments on books either.

  3. I can update chapters, but it's not letting me upload Chapter 1.

  4. I'm having the same problems as Dianna making comments on the book page. I have had to post my comments as messages to the three writers I have reviewed recently.

  5. A few typos & misspellings to clean up in this blog post...

  6. Any guess when the glitches will be worked out of the new system?

  7. In addition to the earlier problems I get the error message when I try to edit RE.....

  8. Same problem as Jason, unable to place replies to a forum thread.
    The problem of logging on with a password everytime has now been resolved. That's one good thing.

  9. Almost a month since the original post. Can we have an update on the update, please?

    Are you fixing TSR, scrapping, or what?

  10. update, please?

  11. update, please? You folks really haven't been educated on the necessity of following up on your promises, have you?

  12. I'm not sure anything has been done to fix anything. Please tell us what you might still fix? The site seems without direction lately.

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