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Hello. This is just a short blog post to update you on a few things authonomy related. As always, I will do my best to answer any questions you leave in the comments section.

Authonomy Revamp
Everything is still on target for a new look authonomy by the end of the year. The pitches from developers have all been made and we working through our shortlist. Many of the ideas and proposals that have been presented so far would really help to take authonomy forward and we are very excited about what is to come. Once the final selection is made we will enter what all the developers have called a ‘discovery phase’ and during this time the views of authonomy members will be sought to ensure that the end result is something most of you will find an improvement and a much better way to showcase and improve your work.

One note of caution: in my experience, and probably yours, change is never universally welcomed. Whatever we do with authonomy there will be some people who do not like it. This is unavoidable but we want to make sure we bring as many of you along with us as we can, as well as finding lots of new writers and readers who want to engage with the site and community.

Writer’s Hub
I recently gave an interview to the Writers’ Hub website, you can see it here. It may be of interest to some of you as I talk a bit about authonomy and what we look for in the books we publish.

Crimson River
At both authonomy and The Friday Project, we have teamed up with Crimson River, an exciting new multimedia agency, to provide additional content for our books. They already produced a trailer for Where the Devil Can’t Go by Anya Lipska:

as well as an 
amazing interactive cover. They are now working on a series of author interviews for us that will allow readers to scan a page of the book and be taken to YouTube video with the author. We really like what they are doing and we have invited them to write some guest blog posts for us. You may also spot banner ads on here linking to their site. They offer special discounted rates for self-published authors and we very much like what they do. Don’t feel obliged to pay them a visit but you may find their blog posts here useful.

Other Stuff
It is great to see Undertaking Love going from strength to strength on ebook and we have interest from within HarperCollins to take the print edition off our hands. More news as we have it.

The publication of Sixteen, Sixty-One has been a legal nightmare (so many conversations with lawyers about what we can or can’t say within the book) but I am delighted that it will finally see the light of day this week and is receiving lots of press and media interest. It really is a remarkable and compelling story; I hope many of you check it out.



  1. Thank you for the update. A question concerning 1661: Given that Lawyers seldom talk without charge should we assume that the work involved in getting it published has involved costs significantly above the norm?

  2. Hello Bard,

    There would have been legal costs, yes, but there often are with non-fiction titles.


  3. Thanks for the info. Great news about Undertaking Love possibly in print. I'm reading it on my phone but know lots of friends who would love an actual print copy.

  4. Thanks for the news, Scott. The work with Crimson River sounds really interesting - we definitely need multimedia to help extend our work's reach and enhance the reader experience. I'll be following progress.
    Thanks again

  5. Obviously, by the time you select a contractor and they begin the installation, it will far too late to make any significant changes due to feedback from a group of Authonomy users. But, of course, you already know that.

    Why not tell us what you are asking the contractors to do?

  6. Not obvious at all, Gee Whiz. You are incorrect.

  7. So, we disagree. I hope you are right. Now, why don't you simply tell us what you asked the contractors to do?

  8. Gee Whiz, because it is a 24-page document and is commercially sensitive, something I think most users on here will understand.

    Much as I'd love to repeatedly justify myself to members who have been thrown off the site I think I might stop now.

  9. Then, Scott, at least fix the blog so that ordinary users who don't have any of those odd 'identities' can at least, post a response. Several have indicated they haven't a clue about how to get past the 'identity' filter.

    And, Scott, if you can't reveal what you are asking the contractors to do, how will you ever actually implement the changes later without revealing what they were?

    I know, you don't want any new back and forth about what should be there to distract. Your mind is made up...until the contractors tell you what they have done, then you'll wonder if they were listening.


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