One to Watch Wednesday

This week’s one to watch will be familiar to many of you. Crazy Quilt by Sheri Emery is climbing high in the charts, and deservedly so.

This is a story which deals with themes which affect us all: family, love and friendship. These themes are dealt with deftly, the scenes are weighted with emotion – but it is measured, never spilling over to melodrama, the restraint echoing the family tension. You get an immediate sense of the characters, and the stark differences between the two sisters. McCall who looks ‘for all the world like a movie star who had taken a wrong turn and ended up in our small town,’ and Harper, whose ‘one brief attempt at building a life outside of this house had been a miserable failure.’

If you haven't already, we think this one is worth a read.

Sheri’s Pitch

Can two sisters, who’ve barely spoken in fifteen years, learn to live together again? Perhaps, when each inherits half of a Southern Victorian mansion and $10,000 to do something frivolous.

The older sister, McCall, returns from the East Coast to claim her stake in the house, but she returns with a secret. Her younger sister, Harper, never left their small Georgia town and when she believes their long-dead father may be alive, she starts asking questions that threaten the women’s already fragile reconciliation.

Throughout the novel, the relationships Harper forges on her journey are the primary focus: a romance with Andrew, the handsome young doctor who treats McCall in the emergency room; an unbreakable bond with Nora, the family’s maid of the past forty years; a friendship with Mavis, the town librarian; and a wary interest in Ray, the handyman who is helping McCall transform an old building into a writer’s retreat. 

“Crazy Quilt” weaves together the themes of friendship and family, romance and mystery, culminating in a surprising ending.


  1. I read all of this one a while back. Highly recommended. Glad to see you've selected a book whose author is active on the site.
    Yay, Sheri!

  2. This is a fantastic read! Thrilled to see it getting recognition :)


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