The Authonomy Relaunch: The Chart

In early August we will replace the current with a brand new website. The same great community, the same passion for books and writing, but a new-and-improved platform, which we believe will help us develop and discover a greater number of exciting new authors. 

As part of this, we are changing the way the chart works. TSR’s and restrictions on how often you can change your shelf are being removed, and the hidden algorithm driving the chart is being refined, creating a more agile chart, that we hope will better reflect what you guys are reading. (Though the workings of this will still be a secret.)

Understandably, a couple of you have asked the following question:

Will this affect the current position of books?

The answer is yes, and potentially, quite a lot. 

When the new site goes live, we can expect the upper ranks of the Editor’s Desk chart to look quite different from how it currently appears. Moreover, it may take several months for the system to settle in and really represent the best of Authonomy. In order to fairly recognise the hard-work and quality of those books on the brink of reaching the Editor’s Desk and to allow the chart time to adjust, we will be doing the following: 

  • Books positioned 1 – 20 in the Editor’s Desk chart will receive a traditional Editor’s Desk review (as of 28/07/14)

  • Books positioned 21 – 30 will receive a short assessment from HarperCollins Publisher Scott Pack, via the Authonomy Editor’s account

  • The Editor’s Desk chart on the new site will be ‘frozen’ until November 1st (a 90 day countdown will apply, and the chart will be visible, but may fluctuate frequently)

We will be contacting the authors in the current top 20 by email during the course of today. Once the new chart goes live in November, the process will be the same, the top 5 books every month will be considered and reviewed by HarperCollins. 

Over the course of this week, we’ll be positing a number of blogs about the new site and how to make your profile and manuscript stand out. We’ve already begun the process of migrating all the information from the old site to the new, and you can read more about that process and how it will affect you here

It’s all very exciting.


  1. No emails to the top 20 today?

  2. I got an email so no probs. Now begins the fun task of adding all my separate chapters together to make a "book". Just as well no one's in a hurry.


  3. This is good for top 20, and seems very fair. Now I won't worry if A Relative Invasion suddenly plummets in the charts, so thanks for the reassurance.

    Main question, when we were warned not to upload pro tem I was about to upload revisions. Should I do this after the new Authonomy activates, or not?

  4. 1. A friend asked me about joining but I suggested she wait until the new site goes live. Is that correct? Will those who joined after 23rd have to rejoin?

    2. Stars? I know the TSRs are going but I don't recall seeing about stars.


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