Upload tips: How to make your book beautiful

As we move progressively closer to go-live date, we’re sharing some tips on how to make your manuscript stand out from the crowd on the relaunched site. Yesterday, we offered advice on your migrated books. Today we’re sharing a ‘how to’ for uploading a beautifully formatted book.

Using the ‘styling’ available in your word processor is a great way of making sure your book is a pleasure to read. If styled correctly, the Authonomy reader will divide your work into easily browsed chapters and parts. To make this as simple as possible, we’ve created a template that you can download, and paste your chapters and titles into.

The template will be available to download on the upload page, but for those wishing to get a step ahead, it can also be downloaded here.

Here are some tips to creating a beautiful book:

  1. Download the template and open it in your word processing program: Microsoft Word is ideal.
  2. Replace ‘Book’ and ‘Author’ with your title and author name. These will appear at the front of your book.
  3. It’s important that the formatting of the chapter headings remains styled (an iltalicised, bold font should indicate this).
  4. Edit chapter headings (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, as appropriate). If possible, type these in, to avoid losing the styling of the heading.
  5. Delete additional chapters, and parts, as appropriate.
  6. Press return to create a space under each heading, and paste the relevant chapter underneath (if there aren’t enough headings in the template, you can copy and paste them to get more).
  7. Make sure that your chapter formatting looks as you desire, as these will be presented pretty much as you see them.
And that’s it! You’ll now have an editable, single file, with styled chapter headings.


  1. Hi Scott. Many thanks for this.
    Just to make sure I have this straight. The uploaded text can be divided into any number of parts each titled anyway I fancy, provided each title is in bold italic, as per the template.

    I note the typeface is cambria. Is that part of the template or can we switch to a san serif typeface and retain functionality?


  2. Hi, thanks for the info! Would it be possible to:
    1) take the word document that has my book on it
    2) put the title and author first as per the template
    3)italicize and bold the chapter titles, rather than pasting everything into a new document?

  3. For those who are savvy formatting eBooks in Word for kindle, will they need to use the template or can they upoad as they would a Word file to kindle

  4. The questions to ask Scott is if their software allows for different fonts, or if it will be like kindle where the customer can change the font, and so they have to be uniform in the body text... say times new roman 12 point. In the doc it is set at 11 point, calibri. Also if you can have single spacing which is better for small devices. Also on all coversion software .mobi for kindle and epub for other devices, it is recommended to give a value of 0.01 to any line of text where you don't want an indent or the software will auto add a half inch indent.

  5. One assumes the new process will take note of all the text formatted as Heading 1 and create a table of contents the reader can navigate from. Whether the process can handle modifications to Heading 1, such as a change of font or centring of text is another question.

    Perhaps a degree of experimentation is called for. Colin

  6. Will scene break icons cause havoc?

  7. Hi Scott
    Another question.
    At present footnotes get converted into endnotes automatically for each file uploaded.
    What will the new process do with footnotes?

  8. Hi Scott.

    I'll try to gather all my questions in one message.

    When the text is uploaded does the system recognise any use of italicised bold text within the document as a chapter heading, or, does it only acknowledge text formatted as 'heading 1' as a chapter heading?

    I have introductions, epigrams, title pages and other texts that I need to incorporate in addition to a prologue and regular chapters. Provided I title these using the Heading 1 template will they appear correctly in the table of contents?

    If I change the typeface and justification of the chapter headings does that effect their functionality?

    Will footnotes be displayed as endnotes at the end of each chapter?

    How can we link to illustrations within the text?

    Is there any upper word limit to the individual chapters?

    Sorry to be a pain, but I have a novel that incorporates just about every awkward trick there is.


  9. Thanks for this. Uploading the first chapters of my project to Authonomy has been fun and I can't wait to upload a cool cover.

  10. It would really help us be ready for the magic moment if you would tell us whether the font you built into the template (Calibri 11) line spacing (double space)are what you are going to urge us to use. Calibri I can understand for electronic readers, but double spacing has me baffled.

  11. If we writers decide to permit downloads to devices, what type of file will the reader be supplied? This word template, or the file converted to a PDF?

    I'm curious to know as it will affect things like ability to embed non-standard fonts for scene-break symbols.

  12. If we writers decide to permit downloads to devices, what type of file will the reader be supplied? This word template, or that file converted to a PDF?

    I'm curious to know as it will affect things like ability to embed non-standard fonts for scene-break symbols.

  13. Hi Is it just me the server is not letting my upload anything.

    Any advice help appreciated.


  14. After taking a look this morning, here's my critique sandwich:
    -Design and aesthetic: A+ I'll deck you two points as there is some overlap on the text on my iPhone
    -Book ranking on movers and shakers and editors list: F zero points. This is, so far, a total failure. A few examples to illustrate my point. Pippa Whithorn's Shuffle, https://www.authonomy.com/book/50647/ and perhaps the best book on the site went from 3 and the editors list to 356. TSW Sharman's The Paper Cut, https://www.authonomy.com/book/57183/ perhaps the funniest book on the site, went from somewhere in the 180's to 476. And Poppygb1415's Amanda Cute and the Case of the Pussy Cat Sex Club, https://www.authonomy.com/book/57568/ which, under the old ranking system shot from the 50s to 18 in one month is now at 506. And compared to the books now in the top 5??? Do your own comparison and see what you think.

    So that wraps up my critique sandwich. Unfortunately it's open faced, sitting on a delicious slice of bread is a piece of wilted lettuce and an undercooked egg. HC editors, how is this going to help you? Writers, how is this going to help us? I'd say the site has about two to four weeks before the best of the authors start leaving.

    Roger Laurence
    Music Man

  15. I agree with Roger. The books he points out should be way higher and some books don't seem to even get a number? Poppy is working so hard in our her book, she is reviewing and editing constantly for example. Her book is excellent as all seem to agree. It makes no sense. Very discouraging. Hopefully I am understanding this wrong, but very little explanation seems to be being offered. Sad.

  16. Haven't been around for quite some time but this new look and approach may be interesting. Two of my entries here, "Boomerang" and "The Baer Boys" are already out in the world but I see no reason not to make them available in more complete form here on Authonomy as well. It's just going to take a bit of time to get them into the template format. Not sure why doc files that work perfectly well for ebook publishing don't transfer smoothly to this site, but I'll get the my stuff changed over when I can.

    Good luck to everyone here.

  17. Hi, Scott.

    Having trouble with template and upload!
    Used template to create new doc, which I uploaded. Unfortunately, whilst I can see all the chapters in the chapter list, there is no other txt at all, 11 chapters all missing, they do appear for a millisecond when highlighting individual chapters, but disappear even quicker.

    It is not possible to upload a new doc now either and I have a permanent message that says: Upload successful. Your ePub is being prepared.

    Any help?

    The Second Coming

  18. Has been saying my ebook is being prepared all day now... I tried uploading it several times. How long does it normally take? Are there no error messages if the upload fails? Refreshed and refreshed...

  19. What's going on?
    I can't even access the new site at all!
    "Sorry - There is an error." It says.
    It's been like this for the past four days and it is very frustrating.
    Also, on the one occasion that I was able to take a look at the 'New Improved' site, I couldn't help but notice that all the ratings/ranks have dropped by an enormous number of points.
    This is very,very disappointing, since we have all worked hard to achieve the positions that we had previously reached on the old site.
    Surely, everything should have been transferred across as was,and not how some invisible technician thinks it ought to be.
    Does this mean that all the ratings and ranks on the old site were not legitimate, and therefore should be recalled?
    How does everyone else feel about this?
    Please speak up.
    This is just not fair!
    Craig Thomson.
    'Search for the Sunlight.'


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