Your books on the new Authonomy

All titles uploaded to Authonomy (whether private or public) before July 23rd 2014, will be migrated to the new site. However, we’ve made a few changes to the way books are set up, in order to make the reading experience more enjoyable, and to make it easier for our Editors to track down the books they’re interested in.  

Jackets will have a much more prominent role in the way the new site looks. They will appear more regularly, and be bigger. As such, we will not be migrating current jackets over, as they have been stored at far too low resolution. All jackets will be assigned a stock jacket at random, which you can update with your own beautiful cover at your convenience.

To make reading your book as much of a pleasure as possible, you may wish to re-upload using our upload template. This contains tags, which if used correctly will divide your book into chapters that are easily navigated in the new reader, or if you choose to make your book available for download. The template will be available to download from the new site, and an explanation of how to use the template will be posted tomorrow, for those keen to get ahead of the game.

Genre selection will now be limited to 2 per book, with 1 genre being selected as ‘Primary’. For those books with 3 or more genres currently selected, these will automatically be limited to the first 2. This can be edited by you at any time.

We feel it’s logical to approach genre the same way we have to when publishing a book. As such, our genre groupings will reflect the way we have to assign genres, and how you’d expect titles to be catalogued in a bookshop.

Use the ‘Tags’ functionality to highlight themes in your work that you think readers might be interested in.

Tags are keywords that describe the content of your book. Tags might describe a genre (#Crime, #Non-Fiction) or a subject (#cats, #Ancient Rome) or even an emotion (#scary, #happy, #reflective etc). 

Tags make it easier for readers to find exactly the kind of book they’re looking for. From time to time, we will use a specific tag to enable authors to enter competitions or submit to a HarperCollins list that’s looking for submissions. If you think your book is perfect for a particular HarperCollins imprint, be sure to put that imprint’s name in the tag to help editors in that department find you.

If you want to make your book available for download, go to ‘Edit’, click on stage 5, ‘Publish’ and select the downloadable button. All migrated books will automatically be designated as not available to download.


So, to sum that up, here’s what you can do to make your book page stand out to Authonomy readers and HarperCollins Editors when the new site is live:

  1. Upload your jacket, in full resolution
  2. Re-upload your book using the downloadable template
  3. Check your genres are correct
  4. Use hashtags to describe your book’s themes, and highlight who it might interest
  5. Decide whether you want to make your book or an extract of it available to download


  1. This all sounds awesome! Some excellent new features. I just wanted to ask of there's a new fail safe to avoid that horrible sweaty feeling of losing all one's bookshelves when the book is locked for editing?

    Thankoo x

  2. There is indeed, Carlie. We've completely changed our upload process to make it easier, faster and most importantly safer!

  3. Hi Scott

    Can you elaborate a bit more on the tags dividing the work into chapters. Are these simply bits of code inserted into the uploaded text or something more complicated.

    Specifically, will the new system have any issues with exceptionally long (+25,000 words) chapters? The current (soon to be old) 130kb limit on file uploads has been a mega-pain!

  4. Hi, thanks for all your hard work. 1)If we want people to be able to do reviews, edits of our books, do you advise making it downloadable? Do you think we will run into issues with agents or publishers if we make our book downloadable?
    2) Do we need to do anything to make sure our book jacket image is high resolution enough?

  5. Looking good, New Authonomy.

    Great to see you've built in that safety for keeping shelves while locked for editing. That was a perennial problem.

  6. Totally with Carlie Morgan. There is always a horrible feeling of doubt when uploading amendments. Really pleased to hear there will be a 'safety net'in place. We all want to act on constructive criticism and advice to improve our work. We want to be free to do so without the risk of losing everything we have achieved on the site. Looking forward to the improvements!

  7. Thank you all for all your hard work. This is going to be interesting.
    I do like the idea of covers being larger etc ...a lot of the detail disappears in the current tiny ones.
    All the best to you all!

  8. Any chance of getting hold of the template prior to the launch?

  9. Can you tell us what the size of the new book jackets is going to be, in pixels? Then we can get started creating new JPEGs ready to be uploaded.

  10. @Joe and Carolyn, we do think that making work downloadable will lead to more reviews, because it will provide a better reading experience. But it's not a necessity. Moreover, you're not required to make the full novel available, preserving the value of your IP.

    @Colin, we'll be uploading a how to and making the template available later this morning.

    @John (and this hopefully also answers your question Joe) at there largest covers might be up to 900pixels by 600pixels

  11. Thanks for the answers. For those of us who are pixel challenged,(me) any tips on how to go about doing this. I used photoshop for my last one, will that still work or any better options available?
    Thanks again!

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  13. Only 2 genres? My book is Christian, Science fiction, Fantasy. That is 3 genres! How do I reduce it to 2?

    (Under the current site it has 4: Christian, Science fiction, Fantasy, Religious. I can obviously dispense with "Religious", but how do I chose between "Science fiction" and "Fantasy"?

    I think we need 3 genres.

  14. @Kieran

    Science fiction and fantasy are distinct genres. If it were going on the shelf in a store that separates them, rather than lumping them in a "science fiction/fantasy" section, where would it go?

  15. Hi Scott,

    The template is great, and can't wait to see how things will look on-site.
    But if writers opt in to the reader download to device option, will the download file supplied to the reader be a PDF or this template word doc?

    I'm curious as I'd like to know if we will be able to use embedded non-standard fonts.


  16. Like Kieran, I also think we should have more genre's available, but even more troubling is the fact that although I have made my book NOT downloadable I can still copy and paste the text from the reader window now, when I couldn't on the old site.

    I prefer the old reader window that did not allow copy paste. It was irritating when I wanted to comment on some else's book, but when it come to making sure my book isn't out there floating in the ether- I would rather the reader not allow you to copy.

  17. I am unable to read anyone's book! Why is this. Am soooo lost on this new site. Will keep trying. Nina

  18. Just joined and haven't been able to actually read any books. I just get a blank page. The site looks great, but I'm wondering how long this glitch is going to last - or is it me?
    Please advise.

    Monday Grey

  19. When I try to open Authonomy, it still tells me there is a fault. Is this me, or is there a fault?

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