Well, the day has finally arrived!

This morning went live with the new site. It was highly nerve wracking. Thank goodness for gin and tonic.


Log in and have a play around. You’ll find your profile, your books, and all your comments waiting for you, as well as some brand new features, including:

  • The ability to set your book to download, and to download approved books to read offline
  • An improved reader
  • A recommendation feed, based on your reading tastes around the site
Some elements will take a while to settle, as already mentioned in this post about the Editor’s Desk and Movers and Shakers charts.

If you can’t see it yet, try refreshing your cache and browse, and don't forget to look at the recent blogs to see how you can make your book and profile look amazing.

Thank you all again so much for your patience.



  1. Thanks Carlie. We know it'll probably take a bit of getting used to, but hopefully the positives are going to heavily outweigh any niggles.

  2. Sadly the link Ive been sent to reset my password does not work so I am locked out.

  3. Me, too, but it's expected there will be anomalies with something this complex. Gives me more time for editing and less excuse to mess around!

  4. Hi Philippa, and anonymous, please drop us an email at authonomy@harpercollins.co.uk if you're having log in issues. We're on hand to help.

  5. Congratulations. Of course not everyone will be happy, but we'll get used to it. Thanks again for all your hard work. Uploading was way easier than I had expected.

  6. Hi Authonomy yep i have mailed you.

    it's temulkar btw


  7. Having issues with paragraph indents and typeface. Am using hard indents and TNR, but keeps losing indents and typeface reverts randomly to sans serif.

  8. Cheers to the revamped autho for doing away with Comedy as a genre. I thank you from the heart of my bottom

  9. I can't read any books on site. The 'start reading' button appears for about a second, and then disappears. Not impressed.

  10. Tell me if you fix this most basic of site features. :(

  11. Hi Scott,

    Can I check what browser you're using. It might be that if you're using an older browser, such as an early version of IE, the new site might not support it. Try out Chrome, Firefox or Safari, and drop us an email if the problem persists.

  12. I must say also that I'm surprised that Suzie Gullick's book (which made the desk about four years ago) is no.1 in the 'movers and shakers' list.

    What a load of computer-generated codswallop.

  13. ok So at least I get to a change password screen but it wont let me change my password, I keep entering the details and it keeps wiping them

    Cant you at least send me a pw that works?

    Temulkar again

  14. How does a reader wishing to find comedy books go about finding them?

  15. Hello, lovelies :-)

    I love the lay out of the new site, it's very modern and easy to use.
    I just wanted to know if it was possible to view one's own star rating breakdown as you can others?

    Thankoo x

  16. Whoster, my comedy book is now in romance and erotica, so perhaps you could take a look there?

  17. @Whoster and Liz. The genres we've chosen very specifically, to reflect bookshops and our imprints.

    A reader looking for comedy fiction should search for the tag #comedy and click on all the fiction results.

  18. And, please try to take the charts with a pinch of salt for the first few weeks. See our earlier blog about this.

  19. Thank you!

    I just hope I don't disappoint anyone with the "Romance *and* Erotica" tag.

    My mom is always asking me if their is any sex my book. She says Oh well, I have to put a bit in it, all the books have a bit of sex in them- but I said I didn't have to if I didn't want to. I'm 39 , I said, I can do what I like.

    But now I feel sort of compelled to.

  20. Authonomy,

    Your bookshops and imprints might like to combine Romance and Erotica, but many readers (and authors) make a distinct difference between the two. There are readers who classify Romance as primarily a love story that may or may not involve descriptions of sex, whereas Erotica is equated with greatly-detailed descriptions of sexual encounters. Despite the success of E.L. James, there are still many readers who are uncomfortable with and avoid Erotica. Under Authonomy's labeling, many simple romances, which may not include sex scenes at all, might be passed over. Please reconsider the decision to dump Romance and Erotica in the same pot. They might both be fruits, but they're still apples and oranges. Thanks.

  21. I'm using the most up to date version of Internet Explorer 11.0.10. Apparently you don't support that either. Chrome isn't supported by a lot of my current (up to date) software. I'll just load Firefox (which I thought was defunct) just for Authonomy.

  22. I like it I really do. I am having the odd senior moment when I try to find things but I had prepared my book and a new cover ahead of time and they are fine. I notice that the covers are cut in half on the reader though and that is the only thing up to now that I can actually say I am disappointed in. I'm allowing of course for the fact that it needs time to settle down and for us all to find out way around. I would like to say thank you though. I know that you have to put up with a fair bit of negativity and it is unfair most of the time. So thanks.

  23. I like the new site a great deal - well done :)
    But...it is annoying that when I edit my own book, it replaces the one on my "currently reading tab in my profile. Surely they could be kept independent?

    I absolutely agree with the romance authors - their books should not be included in the same category as Erotica.

    Love the new upload look - thank you very much for this. It has helped beyond simply uploading the file here.

    So that's my crit - the compliment sandwich.

  24. After taking a look this morning, here's my critique sandwich:
    -Design and aesthetic: A+ I'll deck you two points as there is some overlap on the text on my iPhone. Also, I can't find some of the discussion groups such as the YARG and YALF forums.
    -Book ranking on movers and shakers and editors list: F zero points. This is, so far, a total failure. A few examples to illustrate my point. Pippa Whithorn's Shuffle, https://www.authonomy.com/book/50647/ and perhaps the best book on the site went from 3 and an HC editors review to 356. TSW Sharman's The Paper Cut, https://www.authonomy.com/book/57183/ perhaps the funniest book on the site, went from somewhere in the 180's to 476. And Poppygb1415's Amanda Cute and the Case of the Pussy Cat Sex Club, https://www.authonomy.com/book/57568/ which, under the old ranking system shot from the 50s to 18 in one month is now at 506. And compared to the books now in the top 20? Do your own comparison and see what you think.

    So that wraps up my critique sandwich. Unfortunately it's open faced, sitting on a delicious slice of bread is a piece of wilted lettuce and an undercooked egg. HC editors, how is this going to help you? Writers, how is this going to help us? I'd say the site has about two to four weeks before the best of the authors start leaving.

    Roger Laurence
    Music Man

    Sorry for the double post. I originally posted this on the wrong blog post.

  25. Love the new look, have to wait and see how it tastes having settled in for a bit, however, having trouble with the chapter headings and the uploading process.

    Chapter Headings

    My first two chapters have a (1.) in front of them, which I didn't put there. Will keep tweaking but thought I'd mention it. With these chapters, the left and right arrows skip to the next chapters (not sure if there are any more like these yet, but ch3 works ok). The reader also cuts my cover in half, and on my netbook's wide but little display the reader is useless in less than full screen.

    Not sure why we have to adhere to a template file with predefined styles for this to work. It also seems to require the word Chapter in the text for it to work?? Why can't we select our own text in our file and define it as a heading? Or is that possible?
    ps. Any chance of supporting Open Office .odt format?


    It says the file has uploaded successfully but it sometimes turns out to be an earlier file. Following through the process again fixes it though.

  26. I am thinking of classifying my book as 'children's' because that tab is unseen to those who don't click on the 'over' tab to find it. I was hoping to see Super Piggy in the books section, but I guess kinks are still working themselves out, because even though I put in all the markers to get mine to show up, Super Piggy was not among the books it says it has.
    There are some things, mostly the style I got used to, that I'll miss. One of the things I like about the new site is the word template, although it has a UK dictionary (understandable) and therefore tells me that much of my American English is misspelled. And I really like how the new site had made uploading the book, or rather editing the book, easier. One quick menu to navigate through, rather than clicking and waiting as I find the section I want to change. I like the larger covers too. And I really have my fingers crossed for the new algorithm to determine the rating of the book. On the old one my book dropped in rating every time anything positive (i.e., commented, shelved it)happened. I tried so hard to figure out what it wanted from me! I was beginning to fear attention, and sometimes harbored the notion that the site was out to get me. (ha,ha!)

  27. Oh, no! I just realized I can't edit my comments after publishing them. Because I am seeing them in that little box, I never find all my grammar issues, or find if I am making sense. I relied so very much on the edit feature on my own comments so I could keep from sounding like a gibbering idiot!
    Drat. I will finally be exposed...

  28. THANK YOU!!! That said... I may have to go and lie down in a darkened room before trying anything else out. I did, in a state of shock though I am, go into Edit-mode just to get rid of *Erotica* as the main genre (with Romance...). :¬DDD Flushed with success, I moved on, uploading a temp cover, and then found I had to re-upload my work - presuming it had disappeared along with the old site. (*The Fortune of Annacara* - medalist from February.)
    As I haven't yet figured out the new template, I just uploaded a docx. I had of the first 50 pages. Looks okay in the TINY reader... ha.
    I can only hope, right now, that my original upload of 22 chapters was retained for Ed Desk review. If not... I just have to pull my finger out and figure out the new template so I can re-upload the 22-chapter extract. (Just so you know... in case you read this... etc.) (Thanks xxx)

    Here's my gin and tonic clinking yours, with love from Kay xxx

  29. I used the template to recompile and upload a book.

    Why does it now display center-justified in the reader?

  30. Im going to say I dont like it much - far too garish for my taste. I guess things will shakedown eventually but why is my #1 book now at #40? And it says I have one medal - I have 2, soon to have 3.

    - Why no Watched Threads? This is a serious omission.
    - Why can't we edit Comments made on books?
    - Why no emoticons?Though at least the "hand-made" ones work, sort of.
    - Why are book pages cut off half way? It's very disconcerting to say the least. I haven't tried the template yet.


  31. Oh and I forgot to say thank you - I ended up with 49 friend requests most of which were at least 2 years old. I also acquired about 30 "new" Friends, most of whom left Autho years ago. (Jake Barton!) A lot of my old friends are now missing so I will have to find them all again if they have gone off in a sulk thinking I don't like them or something. :(

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. As a reader, the book,PROTECTED BY CHEZZLES.ZE.GREAT, I was reading more than half of it just disappeared when it moved to the new site. On the new site is says it was last updated on July 20, 2009 but that is not true because on the old site it says it was last updated on July 18, 2013. I guess I will give it a few days to see if it gets updated but it sucks because I have been waiting ages for her to finish since I found it in 2010. I just saw that it was updated yesterday and started reading and then this happened.

  34. I'm hoping I am misunderstanding the ranking system. I agree with Roger,a lot of hard working authors who have been exchanging crits and improving their books aren't even given a number. Only one of the books on my shelf is ranked right now. I hope this is a glitch. Really, really frustrated at the moment...

  35. I'm gonna post on the forum, what I got to say is a tad too many words for the blog. Hope nobody jumps off here because of a number, or absence of one, and hope you'll at least take a look at what I got to say before you do...

    a modicum of patience, I hope, will prevail...

    best, Carl (a.k.a Hax)

  36. Oh well.
    A system designed for phones and pads, which I can understand, but why take off all the really useful features?

    In 24 hours, Paul Schoaff is at it again, we have a persistent pensions spammer and the new forum is even easier to abuse than the old one was.

    No way to watch a specific thread, no way to report abusive comments, no moderation at all.

    Well done Authonomy.

  37. Hi
    Just wanted to ask if you are aware of a problem myself and a few others are experiencing and if it's something you are trying to sort.
    I've been unable to open/read any books since the change over including my own.
    When I click on a book, as soon as the page loads the box in the top right appears with the 'start reading' message but the box disappears before I have a chance to click on it.
    Is this being sorted?
    Many thanks. Other than this I'm enjoying the new site and I love the new cover sizes.

  38. I'm disappointed there is no Literary Fiction option. A good number of LF books made the old Desk and some of the LF group threads were among the most active at one time.

    I think it's indicative that BookCountry actually added LF in their last revamp.

    I know a number of writers who didn't use BookCountry because it had no LF option. I expect the same will happen here now. And I know a lot of readers as well who sought out LF here as well btw.

    I hope you might reconsider this choice when you do a round of alterations based on early feedback.

    I realise books can be tagged LF still, tagged anything, including banana poetry, but unless it's a main option it won't be gravitated towards as it used to be for many.

    That said, well done on getting the relaunch off the ground and hope all goes well with it.


  39. Authonomy.com seems to have crashed at 10:40 U.S. EST. All I get is a white screen. Anyone could have predicted this.

  40. What a wreck.

    Seriously, guys. Are you going to address the problems or was this just a way to get rid of those pesky Authonomy members so the spammers and trolls would have an easier time?

  41. "A reader looking for comedy fiction should search for the tag #comedy and click on all the fiction results."

    I tried that - it came up with a result of 97 fiction books (none of which is mine, which IS tagged comedy). I looked specifically through the first half a dozen - and not a single one had the comedy tag.

    It's bad enough that the Comedy genre has been done away with, but it should at least be possible for someone to find comedy books should they choose to do so.

  42. i haven't been able to log on all day. does this mean you're fixing stuff?

  43. Katie--Are you in the US? I'm down too, but I keep getting notifications on my phone that posts are being made in England and from Europe.

  44. I'm having the same problem with the (1.) on all chapters. In a couple of instances it appears at the bottom of the text and then I get a blank page. Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.

  45. Love the template, it is perfect for my book, (or it will be, when I've finished refining..)But I miss my friends. Why can we only see who's online when down in the forum? I want to be able to 'network' in the more important side of Autho: where the books are.

    I want to be part of a community again. I want to be part of it by reading books and communicating with the writers of those books. If I'm chatting in the forum, I have less time on site for the important stuff: the books.

    Please give us back the old version of the Friends list:-) Please! x

  46. Michael Jones--You have corrupted those heading from the template. Go back to one that is okay, show the punctuation mark-ups (paragraph icon), drag your cursor all the way across the good heading (including the paragraph symbol, copy, paste in front of the text where you want the heading, and rename this heading (being careful not to mess with the paragraph symbol at the end of the line.

    Go to the Forum under About Authonomy and look for the thread named How to use the template.

    I'll get back on there as soon as I can get the website to open.

  47. Katie and all who can't open Authonomy. Close Authonomy on your web browser and do a hard shut-down on your computer. Restart and Authonomy should open.

    Courtesy of Ted Minkinow--smart guy.

  48. james, THANK YOU. hard shut down worked; restart did not.

  49. Further to my previous post, I have spent the best part of an hour re-uploading my updated MS and seeing only my old version. Very frustrating, since this is a very basic functional requirement. I even 'saved and continued' using the document name given by Authonomy (my document name with some arbitrary number appended to it???) and even this went through the process and was reported to have been successfully uploaded. Needless to say this document doesn't exist, at least on my hard drive.

  50. Has anyone else been blocked from accessing Authonomy from their PC?

    My tablet still works, but the PC comes up blank.

  51. Could someone please tell me how to remove a book? I have tried all the things I can think of to no avail.

    Even using the template my books dont load - they seem to be waiting for the epub for hours. I'd rather just take them all down.
    and for the record GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

  52. @ James ... Big thank you.

  53. I think the upload template is broken ... I can't upload an updated version of my book.

  54. If you can't access Authonomy at all, do a "hard" shutdown of your computer and turn back on.

    A "warm" restart may not clean out your cache.

    Thanks to Ted Minkinow (Recon Pilot) for this tip.

  55. Why can't we hear from *ANYONE* at Authonomy about book uploads being frozen with the message: "Upload successful; ePub being prepared"?


  57. My book uploaded yesterday but is still not showing up. Are you swamped, or what?


  58. Both my books say "Upload successful. Your epub is being prepared." It's been 36 hours. I have logged out, shut down, tried another computer, refreshed the page, and tried prayer.

    Did I screw up or did you?

    aurorawatcher / Lela Markham / The Willow Branch / A Well in Emmaus

    Do you need more information?

    My Google Plus account is under lelamarkham@gmail.com, but my Autho email is still aurora-watcher@hotmail.com.

  59. Okay.
    I like the new covers.
    I like the new reader (though I think it could be a better size = more book shaped
    I like the RSS feed (I really like the RSS feed)
    I like the ability to post pictures
    I like the bright look of it
    I like that I can read the threads as posts
    thank you.

  60. Pssst. Do you think the gin might have worn off by now?

  61. I really HATE that I cannot upload individual chapters anymore. I found a typo but instead of updating that chapter, I now have to re-upload the ENTIRE book and wait AGAIN for it to be "prepared" and go live?

    Because of this I have to maintain a HUGE Word file of ALL chapters, instead of exporting or compiling like I did before.


    Also, the new Captcha? SUCKS. Very hard to read and listening is worse.

    Yeah. Not too happy, me.

  62. PLEASE bring back 'my watched threads'. I hate the flooding of my inbox with alerts, and as I run three threads, it's so much harder to keep track of them.


  63. General complaints:
    (1) I wish we could resize the reader window to our liking.
    (2) I don't like that you have to re-upload the entire MS for any changes.

    General comment: I first uploaded five days ago, I think--couldn't get a reading of my book, and the notice stayed the same: "Upload successful. Your epub is being prepared." The problem in my case seems to be that I had installed page returns at the end of each chapter. I deleted those in the template and re-uploaded, and this time it worked.

  64. Hello, Hello is there anybody out there??? Or are we all alone in the almost empty Autho virtual jungle???? 35 online now, 19 earlier....

    Why is it so difficult to post a comment here??? Now, I'll have to be anonymous although I do not want to be.

    Sebnem Sanders

  65. Still waiting for my book to be epubbed. How long is it going to take? And that reader thing is an abomination.


    Give us back our writers' site, not this dreadful gaudy monster.


  66. The epub uploading process has been broken since THURSDAY morning! Come on, authonomy - even for a free site that is an extremely poor show.

    New users are trying to register and upload books, and voicing their discontent in the forums when the cannot do so. I'm sure many more just walk away, probably never to return. Many old users are leaving, some without saying a word on the site.

    There are many things I approve of in this new look - but you have dropped the ball badly. The total lack of feedback to the community over the weekend about this problem was unimpressive.

    Lot's of gripes about changed functions - but the complete breakdown of the main function of the site - for 4 DAYSand counting? GRRRRRRRR!!

  67. My MS uploaded. I removed the footers and headers left over from my native OpenOffice file and this seemed to do it. Make sure you use a vanilla template file and maybe that is all it needs?? However, it still gives the message about the ePub being prepared...
    We'll get there before long...


  68. Everytime I try to upload my manuscript and cover image it tells me "Server Error- please try again later."

  69. Ps: I like the single MS file for uploading. I work in a single file while l'm chopping and changing the plot. Frankly, exporting chapters out to separate files always was a major drawback, I can't see any advantage to it or any great drawback in uploading one bigger file.

  70. nevermind, I was able to finally upload. I had to switch from using internet explorer to firefox. it said somewhere that the site works/you can upload using google chrome but I have a chromebook and still couldn't upload anything.

  71. If you can't do your job without alcohol, you should quit.

  72. authonomy allows hundreds of fake accounts to be registered, perhaps to inflate their user numbers, then deletes the account and scrubs the posts of the person who points out their brazen duplicity.


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