Recommended From The Workbench - Red Planet

We got an an amazing response to our last prompt on The Workbench, including a number of entertaining and well written entries. One stood out above the others though and we've reposted it below.

One to Watch Wednesday - Isabel’s Hand-Me-Down Dreams

I don't think we've featured a memoir for a while, so this week we're recommending Isabel’s Hand-Me-Down Dreams by Isabel López.

The opening chapter tells of Isabel’s arrival, along with her mother, grandmother and sister, in New York from Puerto Rico. The sound of the rain, the chill of the cold, it all creates a real sense of place and conveys the mixed emotions the girls and women were feeling after being transported to a strange new city, so very different from the place they had called home. The story of being a stranger in a foreign land, of adjusting to so many things: the climate, the language, the people, is not a new one, but this story is so beautifully personal that it’s worth a read.

The writing style seems to come naturally to López, and flows easily. It is unfussy and simple but at times quite poetic. Here she describes her grandmother:

Ask the Editor: Episode 1 - "Follow your noses"

Welcome to 'Ask the editor', the new podcast series brought to you by BookD, (a HarperCollins podcast) where once a week book editors tell us about their passion for books and the relationship between the editor and the authors, bringing as many readers to the author's work as possible.

Why Literary Agents Reject Your Manuscript

Why your manuscript gets rejected.

This post marks the first of a series on publishing rejections. We'll be highlighting some of the great writers who have had to persevere through multiple rejections and exploring why your own manuscripts may be getting rejected by literary agencies and publishers.

Happy Scottish Ebook Day!

There's a day dedicated to most things but I think we can all agree that this one is up there with the most important. The publishing world is currently rushing to capitalise on perhaps the greatest marketing opportunity of the year. Have you been busy planning for Scottish Ebook Day over the last few weeks? What's your favourite Scottish ebook? And most importantly, why isn't there a Google doodle referencing it?

The Workbench Writing Exercises - Red Planet

In 'The Workbench' we post a prompt, image, or basic premise, and you write a short scene/extract around it and post it in the comments. It's a great way for you to showcase your ability and persuade us to check out your work on Authonomy. We re-post entries that catch our eye.

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