A Fairytale Anthology: Read your C02 short story!

If you didn't already know, Harper Collins and Act on C02 are running a competition for you to send in your very own short story or fairytale to highlight what can happen if people don’t start to take responsibility for their carbon footprint.

We have had some amazing entries already and to showcase your work we have complied them into a new book on authonomy; A Fairytale Anthology. See if your story has made it into the book and why not take some time to read how other members have ended their fairytales.

Don’t worry if you haven’t already entered, you still have time to get your fairytale in by clicking here. You have until the end of the month, so good luck and happy writing!

See here for the full terms and conditions.


  1. As this is a highly complex subject, and a very controversial political topic, it's complete inappropriate for Harper/authonomy to have this contest in the first place.

    Please keep politics - whether left, right, or other - out of literature.

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  3. I appreciate Jeff Perren's views on whether he thinks authonomy should be running a competition on such a complex subject, but his statement 'keep politics - whether left, right, or other - out of literature', is myopic to say the least.
    Philosophy, history, science, politics they can all have a place in literature, can't they? As a form of expression, surely we wouldn't want to be putting these kind of restrictions on ourselves as writers

  4. Cllimate change is, or soon will be, the stuff of daily life. That's the point.How can one then say that it should be removed as an inspiration for literature ?

  5. As the saying goes, "Publish in haste, repent at leisure," or something like that. Since there are comments with merit here, I'll try to clarify my position.

    I certainly believe that writers are free to and should incorporate any subject they choose into their work, most especially "philosophy, history, science, politics" etc. What I meant can be summarized by two points:

    1.I deem it inappropriate for Harper to introduce a red-hot and highly controversial political topic onto the authonomy site, heretofore focused on finding new work from talented authors, chiefly in fiction.

    Worse, they don't just solicit short stories having a point of view, but one decidedly in line with the environmentalist left point of view. I.e. they clearly accept, as possibly do the commenters here, the increasingly suspect hypothesis of Anthropogenic Global Warming and believe that we should take social action as a result.

    That view hypothesizes: (a) that CO2 has a large affect on climate, (b) that human activity has a significant effect on the balance of that greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. There are millions who disagree, or at least regard the issue as far from settled, and many of them are highly credentialed and long-experienced specialists in related fields, few of whom receive a dime from oil, coal, or energy-related companies.

    2.Far worse, this contest doesn't merely ask for short stories, and those with a pre-dictated point of view in particular, but are aimed specifically at children. Those who do not see the slippery slope introduced by this need to review "philosophy, history, science, and politics" in particular that which was promulgated in Germany, Italy, and Japan in the 1920s and 1930s.

    Imagine, if you will, what your reactions would have been if they had suggested a contest of the following sort: "Please generate stories for children that show the pernicious effects of allowing Federal funding to corrupt the objectivity of science, and show how harmful it is to permit a group of politicians to radically curtail individual freedom based on bogus, and sometimes outright fraudulent, science."

    I daresay, at least I hope, many of you would be outraged, and rightly so. The point is, do you really want the authonomy blog transformed into a site where political debates are the norm? I don't. I wouldn't like it even if the views expressed by the host were concordant with mine. To do so on the basis of a highly divisive, unproven, and increasingly suspect hypothesis — and one heavily laden with political overtones — is unwise, to put it as generously as possible.

    I appreciate your attention.

    Jeff Perren

  6. Jeff, I'm going to take the chicken's way out and reply as anon.

    I wrote one of these stories for the Co2 competition and I no more believe in climate change than I do that pigs can fly but it is the chance to have my writing noticed. In the world of fiction with so many people, talented and otherwise, all shouting the same thing - publish me, publish me - I'll take any chance I can to get my name out there and on the desk of any Harper editor.

    If you go and read the actual comments left behind, yours are the only contraversial, argumentative ones. Your fears that it will turn into an opinionated shit storm are unfounded and haven't yet enventuated...

    Take heart that most of the stories are badly written and ill-informed and will probably never see the light of day anyway =)

    And I thank you for putting up the hand that disagrees with global warming and climate change.

  7. Jeff Peren: It seems to me that you are hijacking this initiative as a soapbox for *your* political views. I have my own view, which is the exact opposite to yours, but I'm not visiting 'denialist' sites and preaching my point of view to them. Who are you to tell HC and the rest of us what we should or shouldn't be doing? I see the initiative as eco-friendly rather than political, and if we waited for the few scientists to step down and agree with the majority of scientists before taking responsible measures, then *that* would be inappropriate. I have contributed to the competition, not for recognition, like the anonymous poster above, but because I care little for the free-market until it stops having such a negative effect on the environment. I'm sure the people of countries such as Bangladesh are hoping that the initiative garners support.

  8. I have looked at the arguments for and against anthropogenic climate change (e.g. IPCC and skeptic reports), and I come on the side of the believers.

    Having said that, I give credit to Mr. Perren for putting his name to what he believes in. I don't agree with you Jeff, but that is your view so I will respect that.

    On the other hand, I have always written with the primary objective of putting my views (what I believe in strongly) forward. Getting published for the sake of being published is untenable for me.

    I can go into some of the deeper technical topics, but I don't think this is the right forum.

  9. Dennis, I agree with what you are saying, but don't imagine that the self-interested motive of the anonymous cynic applies to other contributors; I'm sure they wouldn't gleefully declare:
    *quote* "Take heart that most of the stories are badly written and ill-informed and will probably never see the light of day anyway =)" ** even if only out of respect for the effort the other entrants have made

  10. Hi and goodbye.

    I have been censored by Authonomy and Harper Collins.

    They will be removing my book.

    I got the following from them a few hours back – I’ve reproduced their e-mail to me at the bottom of this. I just read it now.

    It’s only matter of time before I disappear. So I’m writing this quickly before they close my account.

    I just wanted to thank you for your support. It looks like this little adventure has come to a sad end at 790.

    I think what they are doing is wrong. And it’s a shame.

    I guess the lesson is this:
    Don’t tell stories from a world outside the main stream.

    If you do, don’t be too honest. Don’t be to frank. Don’t tell your story in your own words.

    Don’t use the words that real people speak. Don’t describe the things that real people do.

    Tread carefully around the truth of your life. Be careful not to offend mainstream tastes.

    Or Authonmy will remove you too.

    Thank you so much for everything. For the thoughtful comments. The encouragement and for making me feel welcome.

    I’ve posted the book at www.filthytrannnywhore.com

    Tonight I will probably cry myself to sleep.

    Love and kisses and tears.



    Email me if you want: laviniadarling@gmail.com

    P.S If you disagree with their decision, write to them and tell them how you feel. I will.

    Authonmy’s email to me follows….

    to "laviniadarling@gmail.com"
    date Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 8:14 PM
    subject Authonomy: unsuitable
    hide details 8:14 PM (4 hours ago)
    Dear Lavinia

    Thanks for joining authonomy - the community site for writers, readers and publishers.

    Unfortunately the biography you have chosen is unsuitable for the site and we've removed it.

    To submit a new biography, login at www.authonomy.com and edit your profile. Please look at our terms and conditions for further details on what you can and can't write on authonomy.


    The authonomy team

    Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/authonomy

  11. Jeff, I agree with you 100%. In fact, one chapter of my book, Why Conservatives Are Always Right, is devoted to the topic. However, I took the contest as an opportunity to rattle somebody's cage. I submitted a little story (an interview between a reporter and an environmental scientist) - which, of course, I'm sure nobody will ever see - that pointed out the most obvious evidence that is ignored by the mainstream media and the talking heads. But you can get the idea by reading the chapter in my book on the environment. How about having some fun here!

  12. What has Global Warming to do with politics Jeff? It concerns me, you, all of humanity, It is beyond the political area.



  13. To be honest Jeff around my neck of the woods the politicians do not decide the local weather or climate. Probably just as well. This is a genuine issuse all writers are biased why not let a publisher have a view?

  14. What happened to the index of stories in this 'book'? (it was there a couple of weeks ago).
    Do you expect readers and entrants to click through nearly 300 'chapters' to find their entry - or a story they like?
    And how about answering some of the questions about missing entries? I'm sure you're all 'frightfully busy' and have little time to respond to those who spent hours on work to DONATE to the cause.
    If you ask me, Authonomy care little about the competition, environment, or their members.


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