Thursday, 14 March 2013

Call for Romance Submissions - Harper Impulse

We’re VERY excited to announce a call for submissions from Harper Impulse, a brand new HarperCollins Imprint.

Impulse is a ‘digital first’ imprint that will publish romance fiction for today’s woman – brought to you from the women’s fiction team at HarperCollins.

Their aim is to find, publish and break new talent and some publishing rules along the way! They’re looking for submissions from all sub-genres of the romance spectrum, from fun & fast Adult and New Adult genre fiction to more mainstream novels; particularly contemporary, historical, paranormal and erotic fiction. Though the team are based in the UK, submissions from all over the world are welcome.

Their inbox is open now. So what are you waiting for?

We’ve already fast-tracked the cream of the romance Editor’s Desk winners. We’ll be contacting these authors shortly, for consent and to discuss the process.

This is a great opportunity to get your manuscript straight into the hands of the Impulse Editors.

To submit: e-mail your completed manuscript, covering letter and brief synopsis to

(Full submission guidelines can be found on the facebook page. You can also tweet the editors at @HarperImpulse with any queries.)


scott meek said...
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scott meek said...

What does "New Adult" mean?

Fadzlishah Johanabas said...

A la Britney Spears's words: Not a girl, not yet a woman.

It's a transition between teenage life and adulthood. You know, that awkward phase where you think you've achieved freedom, and before the harsh realities of life set in.

Denise Parton said...

The main character's age should be somewhere around 19 to mid twenties. Out of high school,college age like the age of the protagonist in 50 Shades.

Mary Wood said...

Has anyone found the guidelines of how to submit, tried facebook as the email said to do, but no, was directed back to this blog!!!

Killarney said...

Having trouble finding your submission guidelines. Where are they please? Tried FB and got sent back here too.

Angela said...

I typed in Harper Impulse in the Facebook search box and came up with the page very easily. Here is the link for the submissions page:

Michelle said...

Isn't "romance fiction for today’s woman" quite sexist?

Sebastian Shores said...

What are we waiting for? Maybe some terms and conditions? The fact that there is noting on any of your pages about this expect PR speak makes savvy authors suspicious that your terms are not going to be author friendly.